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Thanks to our humble beginnings, our passionate and experienced staff, and our world-class methodologies, we have become a truly unique firm. Our services may appear “too good to be true,” but the fact is, we are truly good.


Note from a client:

I spent two years thinking and talking about ways to improve—but I never had time to do it. The MH&C Algorithm focused my efforts so I got “the most bang for the buck.” Instead of trying to do everything at once, my consultant helped me work in a logical order to fix the things that were bogging me down.

My specialist was supportive and motivating but never pushy. He walked me through the changes that I needed to make, but I always felt in charge of the decision-making. I learned that I don’t have to choose between having a healthy business and having a life. I can have both!

Working with MH&C was like having an on-call support team. Having the right people for the right jobs made all the difference. I will definitely use MH&C again.


The MH&C Moving Business Forward Optimization Process

Leads to High Level Management of Your Business

Identify and Diagnose

The MH&C Algorithm guides you in stepping back from your day-to-day operations to quickly and tactically assess the strengths and challenges of your business and identify the areas with the greatest potential for return. MH&C offers this innovative online tool to our client at NO COST, NO RISK.

Prioritize and Strategize

Using the real-world financials from the MH&C Algorithm results, meet with an MH&C Specialist to develop a concrete and achievable action plan that is tailored to achieve your objectives. The end-goal is to create systems and methodologies that put as many functions as possible on “autopilot.”

Implement and Execute

MH&C is different because our specialized experts do not tell you about your challenges; they roll up their sleeves and work to fix them. With your MH&C team, you will adopt the business methodologies—Management, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations & Productivity--that are ideally suited to your business. By putting key performance indicators and business metrics in place you will lay down the blueprint for responsive, high-level oversight of your business.

High Level Evaluation

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. By continually monitoring and managing your key performance indicators, you can fine-tune your operations to further leverage the MH&C Algorithm results and focus on your next area of potential growth. Need more structure? Our Specialists can provide monthly, quarterly or annual accountability check-ins. Or take some time off and—finally—enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Moving Business Forward

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