A Letter from the Owner

More than twenty years ago, when I left a Big Six Accounting firm to pursue my passion of helping small business owners, I never dreamed that my BBB-rated A+ company would help over 5000 businesses to thrive and prosper. Our world has changed significantly in that time, but our fundamental vision has never wavered.

MH&C’s mission is to guide small-to-medium sized businesses in implementing strategic systems that will drive their business goals and improve their quality of life. We are committed to treating each and every client with respect, transparency, and uncompromising integrity.

The most frequently cited hesitation prospective clients have about using our services is the fear that they may spend money on professional services and not be satisfied with the outcome. As a result, we transfer the risk of client satisfaction from the client’s shoulders to ours with the unique Risk-Free Promise:

If you choose to engage MH&C specialists for any services, your commitment is RISK FREE. You do not pay if you are not satisfied with our services. Because by taking the RISK away from the client, we are able to easily establish relationships and create win-win situations

We have an unwavering confidence in our performance.

We take the risk because we know the results of our work.

Patrick Maguire

President Maguire Hughes & Carpenter